Breast Cancer – the biopsy

After my screening mammogram, diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound, the next step was the biopsy.

“They found something in the mammogram that needs following up” they said. There was a group of cells that they didn’t like and they wanted to take a biopsy of that area. Okay, now what I thought? Turns out there are 3 different types of cells; Definitely cancer, definitely not cancer and those they can’t determine without a biopsy. My type fell into the latter category.

So another appointment. This time at the Jim Pattison Breast Cancer Clinic in Surrey. The staff there were great. I was a bit nervous about the procedure, but the staff there were wonderful. Without them it would have been horrifying for sure.

First a doctor examined me, then a nurse explained the procedure to me in great detail so there would be no surprises, right? Wrong! The biggest surprise was how painful it was.  One of the things the nurse told me was that during the procedure they use local freezing.  Sometimes it doesn’t take, especially on large breasted women.  Well, that’s me!  One of those times it doesn’t pay to have big boobs! 🙂 If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that may be the only time 🙂

I knew that sometimes the freezing didn’t work, and I had to be one of those it didn’t work for. So here I was locked into the mammogram machine with no chance of movement with a probe drilling into my breast. I’m sure it was a very small instrument, but believe me it felt like the old water well drilling machines I saw as a kid. The nurse was holding my hand trying to console me.  I just focused on my breathing and tried not to scream!  Fortunately it didn’t last long at all.  It was over before the third tear could roll down my cheek.

As soon as the drilling is complete, they remove you from the machine, place an bandage and ice-pack on the area.  Then you get dressed and you go home to wait some more.  This wait was the longest yet, 2, count ’em two weeks.

Stay tuned for – Breast Cancer – Biopsy Results


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